• Research to provide data on the levels of non-discourse, resistance, and denial of issues of sexual and human rights within Nigeria.
  • To employ Behavioral Change Communication (BCC) for the purpose of increasing awareness of sexual and human rights issues as well as empowering disadvantaged groups with life-competency skills, hence ensuring that they enjoy their sexual and human rights.
  • Advocacy to influence policies and laws to be gender-sensitive and to protect sexual and human rights principles.
  • Linkages to make legal services accessible and affordable to individuals and groups, especially most at-risk persons.
  • Capacity building of most at risk persons.
  • Psychosocial support for most at risk persons.


  • Capacity building in the area of sexual and human rights for the most at risk persons.
  • Centre-based counseling, IEC (Information, Education, Communication) or peer education sessions.
  • Periodic outreach activities to communities.
  • Consultancy services on sexuality, gender and human rights issues.